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Criminal Defense Attorney
Serving Georgetown
and Williamson County

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Arrested in Georgetown, TX?

Throughout my career, I have handled hundreds of cases. I have the experience you need to protect your future.

Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer

One third of criminal cases I have handled have resulted in either a dismissal or a reduction of charges.

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Williamson County Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Premier Firm Committed to Your Success

As an attorney who has been behind hundreds of criminal cases, I have been at the forefront of nearly every situation, minor or complex. The time I have spent gathering this information has given me all the right tools for defending a broad range of criminal cases. I have been able to secure numerous case acquittals and favorable outcomes for my clients and continue to do so.

The legal process of defending criminal charges can be a harrowing experience for all involved, especially when you are the one accused. It can be terrifying when you don't know what might lie ahead of you. Proper legal assistance can help you make sense of the situation and wade through the confusion.

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One-on-One Legal Support

From your first case consultation with me to the final proceedings, I can assure you that every step will be handled with the utmost of care and compassion. Compared to other large firms that might treat clients as just another case file, I pride myself on being available to you, as my client. I understand that your worries are nagging, but let my trustworthy legal guidance put you at ease.

Count on me to represent you with any of the following criminal cases:

The key to defending you against criminal charges is to ensure that every aspect of your case is carefully handled and thoroughly investigated, studying every detail with meticulous attention. That is precisely how I intend to approach your situation: by finding flaws in the evidence and piecing together an effective defense strategy.

A Knowledgeable Defense Attorney

As a Williamson County criminal defense lawyer, I have learned much about the local laws as well as the court systems and how they operate. By working alongside the court systems, this has given me valuable connections to prosecutors, judges, and other law enforcement officials. The county can impose some very tough judgments in criminal cases, but with my assistance, I can work to keep those charges away.

When you are ready, discuss your case with me during your no-cost, no-obligation case consultation!