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Petty Theft Cases

Shoplifting Charges in Williamson CountyPetty Theft Cases

If you are accused of stealing $400 or less, do not underestimate the seriousness of petty theft charges. A conviction of shoplifting and other petty theft crimes can be punishable with extensive fines and even jail time. Your ability to get a job or rent a new apartment could also be affected, since petty theft charges will appear on your criminal record.

I am Clovis Martin, a Georgetown criminal defense lawyer with a substantial background defending individuals who are accused of shoplifting, theft and burglary. I serve clients in Georgetown and surrounding communities. As a skilled defense attorney, I will fight for the charges to be dismissed or greatly reduced. I will take the right steps to help preserve your civil rights. Contact my law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Offering a Skilled Defense Strategy in Williamson County

I have a substantial background defending individuals facing serious penalties for theft charges, including:

As your attorney, I will act quickly to establish an effective defense strategy. I will conduct a thorough investigation into the evidence obtained against you. When available, I will review any surveillance videos to understand if law enforcement possibly made any mistakes or violated your civil rights. I will also interview any key witnesses to evaluate all possible defense angles. I am committed to evaluating every opportunity possible for a dismissal or reduction in charges. As a last step, I will negotiate for a plea bargain to reduce the severity of your penalties.

Handling Juvenile Theft Charges

If your child is accused of shoplifting, I will take appropriate measures to try to resolve the case before going to trial. I am committed to helping your child move forward from such incidents without affecting his or her opportunity to get into a college of choice. I will advocate for a less severe punishment focused on preserving your child's innocence. Once your child fulfills the necessary conditions, I will work hard to obtain an expungement. I am experienced in handling juvenile offenses and will do everything I can to meet the legal needs of your child.

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