Field Sobriety / Breathalyzer Tests

Field Sobriety Tests in Georgetown

Field Sobriety Tests

If you were charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer to challenge the evidence obtained against you. In Williamson County and surrounding areas, police officers routinely use Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests to determine if someone is over the legal limit.

Often, results from these types of tests prove to be inaccurate. Field sobriety tests are subjective in nature since they examine individuals' cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination instead of their intoxication level. Similarly, Breathalyzers are subject to mechanical and human errors, which can be substantial. As your Georgetown criminal defense attorney, I will challenge faulty Breathalyzer test results and the subjective nature of field sobriety tests.

Revealing the Subjective Nature of Field Sobriety Tests

If you were arrested under suspicion of drinking and driving, law enforcement likely evaluated your ability to drive by using a field sobriety test. Police officers use a variety of techniques, including the one-leg stand and the walk-and-turn tests. A lack of coordination, balance, age and/or weight could simply cause you to fail these tests instead of indicating your intoxication level. Law enforcement may have also asked you to count backward or recite the alphabet starting with the last letter. Many legal experts discount these non-standardized field sobriety tests for failing to truly indicate if a driver is over the legal limit.

As your attorney, I will question the validity of the field sobriety test results. I will demonstrate that the test was not an accurate way of measuring your blood alcohol content. I will also fight for the DUI/DWI charge to be dismissed if the police officer failed to have a valid reason to pull you over for suspicious or drunk driving.

Exposing Questionable Breathalyzer Test Results

A conviction for driving while intoxicated hinges on the accuracy of Breathalyzers to measure a driver's blood alcohol content. These machines are not flawless. In fact, Breathalyzers are known to produce inaccurate test results based on mechanical and human errors.

If a Breathalyzer was improperly maintained, the machine could calibrate incorrectly, which could result in a false depiction of your blood alcohol content. I am skilled criminal defense attorney prepared to help secure your civil rights. I will always fight for a dismissal or a reduction in charges, especially, if police officers were poorly trained or if the calibrations were inaccurate. Contact my Georgetown law firm today so I can schedule a free initial consultation for you, where we can discuss the most effective defense strategies for your case.

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