What Do I Do After A DWI Arrest?

What Do I Do After A DWI Arrest?

Posted By Clovis Martin || 31-Jan-2014

Being arrested for a DWI in Texas is serious and can be very frightening. The main reason for this is the fear of what can come from the arrest, whether it is jail time, fines, driver's license suspension or other consequences. In order to have the best possible chance at success in fighting against your DWI charges, you need to team up with an experienced DWI lawyer. I am a criminal defense attorney in Georgetown, TX and I have handled countless DWI cases. Team up with me at The Law Office of Clovis Martin and I can walk you through the following steps after an arrest:

  1. Request an ALR hearing to avoid license suspension
  2. Investigate details of the case to build a defense
  3. Appear in court for the arraignment
  4. Defend your case through mediation, negotiation or even trial

Before you even hire an attorney it is important that you exercise your rights immediately after the arrest. Be sure that you remain silent and then contact DWI lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you do not think that you have a chance in winning your case, you could be wrong. With experience on your side, you can find flaws in the evidence or errors in the procedure of law enforcement and have any charges against you dropped. Some of the defenses that can be made against your DWI arrest include:

  • Improper procedure
  • Faulty evidence
  • Flaws in the officer's testimony
  • Inaccurate test results

For help defending against your DWI arrest, team up with me, Attorney Clovis Martin. I offer a free initial consultation so we can get started now in discussing the details of your case and how we need to proceed. Call my firm at (888) 535-7627 or fill out a case analysis form here.

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