Blog Posts in 2013

  • Drug Crimes Involving Prescription Drugs

    || 12-Nov-2013

    Drug charges do not only follow the possession or distribution of marijuana or controlled substances. You can be arrested for the illegal possession of prescription drugs and face serious penalties. The laws regarding prescription drugs cover any type of manufacturing, marketing, distribution or sale of prescription drugs illegally. Drug crimes involving prescription drugs generally fall under one ...
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  • Texas Judge Ordered Life Prison Sentence for 9th DWI Conviction

    || 9-Sep-2013

    Habitual drunk driving can hold serious offenses. First DWI offenses can result in some jail time, fines and license suspension. If convicted for a second, third or subsequent DWI offense, the penalties increase in severity. B.S. is a 54 year old man that was charged with a DWI in July. The results of the case were dramatic when the judge found out that he had eight prior DWI convictions in the ...
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