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Georgetown Criminal Lawyer
Georgetown Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Clients Throughout Georgetown, Texas

If you have been charged with a criminal offense or if a friend or family member is in jail facing criminal charges, you are most likely concerned about what to do. Dealing with the police and the criminal justice system can be a frightening and overwhelming prospect. You may not know whether you need an attorney, what the possible consequences may be or how the process will unfold.

I am an attorney who can assist those in Williamson County who are either facing criminal charges or subject to criminal investigations. My office is located in the Tamiro Plaza, just two blocks from the Williamson County Courthouse and the jail, so I am familiar with the local judges, prosecutors and court procedures. I offer a free, no-obligation consultation to prospective clients who are in need of a criminal defense lawyer.

Throughout my career, I have personally handled hundreds of criminal cases, one-third of which have resulted in dismissals or reductions of charges. I represent clients in Austin, Bartlett, Cedar Park, Florence, Granger, Hutto, Jarrell, Leander, Liberty Hill, Round Rock, Taylor, Thrall and Weir.

Personalized Attention in the Legal Process

From the moment you hire me to represent you, I make it a priority to fully evaluate every aspect of your case. From drug possession to criminal mischief, you can be assured that I will personally handle all aspects of your case. I obtain and investigate all existing evidence to determine an appropriate defense strategy. This includes police reports, videos and existing audio recordings. I'm committed to keeping you informed about your case, so evidence obtained by my office is made available to you.

Communication is an essential part of my practice and I strive to be accessible. I generally return all calls and emails the same day and sometimes after my normal business hours. I respect your concerns and understand that facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. For that reason, I will not delegate any aspect of your representation to another attorney. The following pages will give you a better understanding of the legal services I provide:

The state of Texas is world-renowned for having some of the harshest laws in the country. For this very reason, whenever you are facing criminal penalties, you should seek out a highly experienced criminal attorney. When you leave your future and your fate in the hands of law enforcement, who might have already made up their minds about you, there is a good chance they will use their unlimited resources to pursue a conviction against you.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

My team has experience in every area of criminal law. No matter how serious the crime is that you have been accused of, you could have a strong attorney on your side throughout the entire process. If you were accused of DWI, you could be facing jail time as well as a suspended license. We also have handled cases regarding drug crimes. If you were accused of possession of a controlled substance, dangerous drug or prescription drug, my team and I will do everything possible to defend your best interests and seek to get your charges reduced or dropped.

Sex crimes are another serious accusation for anyone to face. Since even the mere hint of an accusation is enough to ruin your reputation, you need to make sure that you have a skilled and experienced attorney who is dedicated to protecting your freedom and future. If you are convicted, you could be placed on the sex offender registry permanently. Theft, burglary & robbery are all crimes against property. The severity of your punishment will be dependent on the amount of goods you were accused of stealing, as well as whether there were any aggravating factors, such as use of a deadly weapon or bodily injury.

Violent crimes such as assault, battery, domestic violence and spousal abuse could be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Because each offense is slightly different, it is important to have an attorney on your side who understands these cases. Assault is defined as intentionally causing harm to another individual or threatening that person with violence. Battery is very similar but does not include threats of violence. It only applies when the violence is actually carried out. Domestic violence is assault or battery towards a family member or member of your own household. If you want to learn more about the cases we can defend you in, please contact the team today.

The criminal justice system may be good, but it isn't foolproof. If that were the case, then perfectly innocent people wouldn't be sent to prison only to be released decades later after new DNA evidence exonerated them. Even if you are entirely innocent of the charges against you, it's just not enough. History has shown that even the police and the best investigators are prone to human error and, in effect, there is miscarriage of justice. In fact, even juries have convicted perfectly innocent people based on "circumstantial evidence."

Consult with The Law Office of Clovis Martin

As a seasoned attorney who has seen how our court system works up close and personally, I cannot stress enough how critical it is to secure legal representation after an arrest, or when you are under investigation by law enforcement or the FBI. In an ideal world, the truth will set you free. Yet, in many cases it takes a skillful, articulate and aggressive defense attorney to search for holes in the prosecution, errors made by law enforcement and violations to your constitutional rights to get the job done.

It is extremely important to contact me as soon as an arrest or investigation occurs to preserve your rights and to learn what options are available to you. The moment you are charged with a criminal offense, your rights and freedom are at stake. If you have already been arrested, charged or convicted, you may be able to clear your record with my help. The outcome of your case may depend on the quality and dedication of the attorney you hire. I will always make every effort to help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

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